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Timber harvest at all locations

Lau Forst has the essential technology in order to handle the timber harvest professionally. From simple manual delivery to modern yarder systems to state-of-the-art harvesters: Our experienced staff works efficiently and carefully.

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Harvester & Forwarder

In the field of ​​these technologies, we rely on the powerful machines from Ponsse and Konrad (Highlander). These are state-of-the-art machines filled with easily biodegradable oils to protect the environment.

Cable Cranes

When employing cable cranes, we use the products from Konrad (Mounty) and Valentini in their diverse designs. Systems on tracked vehicles are also available for special applications. The Valentini V 1000 can be used up to a thousand metres!

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Long-Distance Ropeway

Thanks to our long-distance ropeway systems (Gantner, Grizzly, Valentini) we are one of the few companies in Europe that can employ this technology. The extensive knowledge and experience of our staff makes the efficient and safe use of ropes of well over a thousand metres possible.

Tractor & Processor

Especially in the field of damaged timber processing, tractors can be used very inexpensively. In order to be able to offer our customers the best possible solution, we have a number of specially equipped forest tractors with powerful wireless rope winches.  In the area of ​​processor work, we also work with excavator processors with an integrated rope winch for special applications.

Horse Logging & Manual Logging

Routine and experience are particularly important in these supposedly simple logging processes. Our teams have the necessary experience and are able to handle larger quantities, especially in the area of ​​manual logging. If necessary, these teams can also be supported by horses.

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Walter Lau
Managing director
DDI Dr. Johann Wirnsberger
Team manager
Luiz Krewer
Head of operations Germany

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